Who We Are

Smart Individuals rather than Human Resources

Data Brainstorm is a young multi-technology company offering a wide range of consulting services in traditional data warehousing, cloud computing and advanced analytics.

We support our customers on the way from the business requirements analysis to the actual implementation. Additionally, we provide architecture reviews, performance analysis and trainings.

We aim for collaborative success and strive for perfect solutions meeting both customers’ requirements and our own quality standards!


We are convinced that logic is more important than politics, and aesthetics is present even in the algorithms


We have long-standing experience from many fields of data processing


We consider success of the projects as personal challenges

We love interesting tasks and people who enjoy solving them!
Sharing same values?

Before you ask...

Which jobs are open?

We are looking for Data Engineers in the areas Cloud, ETL, Reporting and Database Optimisation. But your analytical skills are even more important for us than your experience!

Who are your customers ?

We are happy to support any company that needs to process data and gain valuable insights. Currently our biggest customers are retail companies and financial institutions.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Muehltal, a small nice city close to Frankfurt am Main, but our consultants are spread all over Germany and we also have freelancers from other European countries in our team.