Data Lineage Analyzer

Accurate, Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use Data Lineage System 
for the visualisation of dependencies between reports, transformations and database objects. 

Teradata Performance Task Force

Unstable performance?
Frequently changing execution plans?
Unexplainable “EXPLAINs”?

We have a rare combination of intertechnological expertise, optimisation methodology and tools. This enables us to solve problems both within your Teradata system and at the application interface!

MicroStrategy Modelling & SQL Engine

Unexpected joins in the metric calculation?
Too many SQL passes?
Aggregation isn’t being used?

With over 15 years of MicroStrategy project experience, we can review your system and effectively help you solve modelling and SQL generation problems!


Workshops and Coaching

MicroStrategy Modelling & SQL Performance Optimization

best practices and selected tasks from real life projects​

This practical 3-day workshop is designed for MicroStrategy architects and developers who want to

  • go beyond the scope of standard courses;
  • get to know solutions to typical problems from real life projects;
  • try out how these concepts work practically;
  • share experience and ideas with other MicroStrategy professionals.

In most cases over 90% of report duration is consumed only by the execution of generated queries in the database. Therefore the best results in performance optimization can be achieved by SQL tuning. The aim of this workshop is to show corresponding modelling techniques in MicroStrategy.

In general, such performance optimization process can be divided into three steps.

First we try to reduce the number of queries that access big (fact) tables. Then we improve remaining queries helping database optimizer to find a good execution plan. Finally, if neither the number of queries nor their complexity can be reduced, using aggregations provides another way to improve performance of the report.

In our workshop we will discuss optimizations on each of these levels.


Onsite conceptualisation and implementation

DWH Performance Team

  • Analysis of the performance peaks
  • Early warning 
  • Reviews of the development activities
  • User Trainings.

System Architecture of the Integrated Reporting System

  • Requirements analysis
  • Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Testing

Reporting System for Pricing

  • Technical conception
  • ETL development
  • Performance optimization
  • Implementation of a KPI framework for price comparison.

Reporting System for Eurex Clearing

  • Requirements analysis
  • Reviews
  • Development
  • Performance optimization
  • User Trainings.


Our hand-made projects is a public platform for SQL-driven education, competitions and online assessments. Our vision is to grow to a comprehensive resource for generic SQL algorithms.

ELT Desktop

ELT Desktop is a tool that helps you to transform your data. Well, there are several tools on the market that do that thing, so what’s the difference? The difference to most of the other tools is:
we do it inside your database!

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