MicroStrategy Modelling &
SQL Performance Optimization
best practices and selected tasks from real life projects

This practical 3-day workshop is designed for MicroStrategy architects and developers who want to
  • go beyond the scope of standard courses;
  • get to know solutions to typical problems from real life projects;
  • try out how these concepts work practically;
  • share experience and ideas with other MicroStrategy professionals.


In most cases over 90% of report duration is consumed only by the execution of generated queries in the database. Therefore the best results in performance optimization can be achieved by SQL tuning. The aim of this workshop is to show corresponding modelling techniques in MicroStrategy.

In general, such performance optimization process can be divided into three steps.

First we try to reduce the number of queries that access big (fact) tables. Then we improve remaining queries helping database optimizer to find a good execution plan. Finally, if neither the number of queries nor their complexity can be reduced, using aggregations provides another way to improve performance of the report.

In our workshop we will discuss optimizations on each of these levels.

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Main Topics

Improving queries on fact tables
  • Star Transformation
  • Partitioning
  • Statistics in MicroStrategy
Reducing number of queries
  • Global Optimization
  • Smart Metrics
  • Cumulative Metrics
Using Aggregations
  • Aggregate Awareness
  • Relationships between Attributes
  • Pass-through Functions

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